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What age should children first visit the dentist?

As young as possible. We encourage parents to bring their children with them to their exam appointments to get them used to the sounds/people/funny masks of a dental surgery.

When their first teeth come through we will examine them. Give them a sticker and a ride in the chair.  

My child is scared of the dentist...

Thats fine. Let us know before the appointment and if there is anything we can do to make them more comfortable. Bring them along to watch a family members appointment to help put them at ease. We've had many nervous children come to visit us over the years who we've helped put at ease.

What is Denplan for Children?

Denplan for Children is the same as Denplan Care for adults. It's a fully comprehensive care plan which includes all examinations/treatment and X-Rays. It also include out of hours and worldwide emergency cover, so if your child has an accident all the treatment they require is covered. We are Denplan Excel accredited which means we have been verified to provide the highest levels of care for all of our patients.

Will they get a sticker/treat?

Of course! While it may not be a lollipop of previous years, you will get a sticker or a goody-bag when you visit. It would be mean not to!

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Visiting the dentist can be a strange, unnerving experience for kids. We aim to make trips to the dentist a fun and enjoyable, while still providing a high level of preventative care and peace of mind for you.

We provide Denplan for Children as well as fully-private treatment. We offer all aspects of general dentistry and we can provide orthodontic referrals to those who wish to persue this.  


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