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Nervous Patients

Fear... Apprehension... Previous bad experience?


These are just some of the feelings nervous patients tell us about when they first visit the practice. Some are so nervous they can't speak, others feel like they will never overcome these feelings, no matter how hard they try.


We appreciate and understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience, especially if you experience some or all of the feelings we mentioned above.



It doesn't have to be this way



Although it can seem daunting, overcoming dental phobia doesn't have to be hard and can leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment and reward. Asif has treated many phobic patients over the years with huge success and has a variety of methods to help you acheive your healthy smile. Asif is a recognised Dental Phobia Certified dentist. This certification follows independent patient reviews and testimonials.


Asif can offer:


  • Sedation (IV) at the practice for adult patients (in conjunction with local anaesthetist Etienne Deysel).

  • A calm, relaxing atmosphere, where treatment is undertaken at your pace.

  • A friendly, empthetic approach. In his experience talking, understanding and time are the best approaches to overcoming dental phobia.


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