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Examination Appointment 15-30 mins


Normally carried out on a 6 - 12 month basis. This appointment gives you a chance to discuss any concerns regarding your oral health and also includes screening for tooth decay, oral cancer, gum health and overall condition of the teeth.  


Hygienist Appointment 30-60 mins


Carried out on either a 3,6 or 12 month basis. This appointment is either carried out by one of our dentists as part of your examination appointment or by one of our dedicated Hygienist team. This appointment focuses on removing harded plaque (calculus) from the teeth, improving gum condition and providing advice on the best way to maintain your oral health.


Fillings 30 - 75 mins


We place both amalgam (silver) and white (composite) fillings at the practice. The filling material used will depend on the desired result both cosmetically and for the health of the tooth.




These are constructed over the course of two seperate appointments. The preparation appointment, where shaping of the tooth and impressions are taken, and the fitting appointment where the lab made crown/bridge is cemented into place.




We are able to construct both acrylic (plastic) or cobalt chrome (metal) dentures at the practice. These are suitable where multiple space closures are required.


Root Canal Treatment


This treatment is normally undertaken when a tooth has suffered an infection and all other treatment options to save the tooth have failed. This involves removing the inflammed nerve tissue from the tooth and sealing the canals of the tooth to prevent further infection.


Sports Guards


We are able to offer the facility for custom made sports guards in a variety of colours. We recommend sports guards to anyone who takes part in any contact or high risk sports regardless of age. A custom made sports guard will fit your mouth perfectly and won't drop down or fall out during sporting activities.


The above is a brief overview of the treatments we commonly offer at the practice. We also provide cosmetic treatments and more complex resorative options such as root canal. Please call to discuss your individual requirements.

We refer to local colleagues where specialist treatment is required e.g. Orthodontics or Implants